Icebreaker & the Chateau

This year’s Transform event is again virtual 💻 which on one hand enables us to have more tutorials, a greater diversity of instructors and participants spread across a wider set of timezones than would otherwise be possible - it still lacks the chance to meet up with people, catch up and chat as we would at a physical event.

To help with this though, we do have access to the SWUNG Chateau, a large space that we can use for meeting up virtually, hanging out, or working together.

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As well as the Welcome Icebreaker on Friday, the Chateau will be used to host meetings for the sprints, birds-of-feather-sessions, and the closing party on Thursday 28th.

However, the space is open throughout the event and everyone should feel free to use it to meet people, find a corner to talk or work in at any time.

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