Transform 22

Field transformations

The generated fields of gstools are ordinary Gaussian random fields. In application there are several transformations to describe real world problems in an appropriate manner.

GStools provides a submodule gstools.transform with a range of common transformations:

  • binary
  • discrete
  • boxcox
  • zinnharvey
  • normal_force_moments
  • normal_to_lognormal
  • normal_to_uniform
  • normal_to_arcsin
  • normal_to_uquad
  • apply_function

All the transformations take a field class, that holds a generated field, as input and will manipulate this field inplace or store it with a given name.

Simply apply a transformation to a field class:

import gstools as gs
srf = gs.SRF(model)

Or use the provided wrapper in all Field classes:

import gstools as gs
srf = gs.SRF(model)