Conditioned Fields

Kriged fields tend to approach the field mean outside the area of observations. To generate random fields, that coincide with given observations, but are still random according to a given covariance model away from the observations proximity, we provide the generation of conditioned random fields.

The idea behind conditioned random fields builds up on kriging. First we generate a field with a kriging method, then we generate a random field, with 0 as mean and 1 as variance that will be multiplied with the kriging standard deviation.

To do so, you can instantiate a CondSRF class with a configured Krige class.

The setup of the a conditioned random field should be as follows:

krige = gs.Krige(model, cond_pos, cond_val)
cond_srf = gs.CondSRF(krige)
field = cond_srf(grid)