Geological modeling in GemPy

The full repo for this tutorial is on GitHub:

The notebook used during the tutorial is here: t21_gempy.ipynb

The objective of this course is to teach geoscientists, engineers, and researchers how to start building geological models using the open-source Python library GemPy.

During this workshop we will cover two main areas:

  1. GemPy essentials: installation steps, how to create a simple model from scratch, and using the built-in visualization tools.
  2. Data preprocessing in Python: how we can use other libraries from the software underground community -- e.g. welly, subsurface -- to read and process the data into valid data structures that GemPy can use as an input.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Import some row data from files, - manipulate and visualize this raw data and,
  • using this data to build a geological model.